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Foto: Alf Oxem


Hiking Guide: Hiking in Vesterålen
Touring map:  Vesterålen - Hinnøya
Travel handbook: Encounter with Vesterålen
– Culture, Nature, History

Informational series Encounter with Vesterålen 

Cultural Cooperation in Vesterålen
Vesterålen Tourism

The Goal Has Been Reached!  
These web pages are part of the outdoor
project The Goal Has Been Reached!,
conducted by the Vesterålen Cultural
Council in collaboration with Vesterålen
Hiking Association and the municipalities
of Andøy, Bø, Hadsel, Sortland,
Lødingen and Øksnes.

The six municipalities have joined forces with
Reno-Vest and Nordland County Administration and
supported the project, which is part of an effort to
develop an overall public sports policy in
Nordland County.

The trips on  the web pages are the suggestions of
local hikers in each of the Vesterålen
municipalities. Suggested routes were
collected by the respective offices for
cultural affairs.



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